Raven Mooncrest
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Princess Wolf

I find myself running through the forest, knowing that the pack is not far behind. I do not bother looking behind or slowing down because I know exactly what will happen if I do. Even fighting to catch my breath, I press on. This is the edge of the territory. I will forever be known as a rogue, but I refuse to be bound to such a horrible wolf. Once I cross the territorial line, I continue steadily for some time before finally slowing down and catching my breath. “This is pack law. They say… I know pack law, but I cannot commit to someone who does not treat me equally in any way. If I was supposed to be his Luna, I should be able to stand with him not behind him. I won’t.” I say to myself.

I come along a river, and I decide to take a drink. However, my plans soon change, as a huge silver colored wolf approaches me. Lowering his head, a deep growl escapes, and I automatically drop down. He’s THE Alpha of this territory. I cannot even get myself to stand to move away. I am completely at his mercy.

“What are you doing here, rogue! This is MY territory.” His deep voice causes shivers through my fur.

I refuse to look at him, “I am sorry, Alpha. I just escaped from my old pack. Please forgive me for this trespass. I promise to leave immediately after I get some food and drink if that’s okay.”

He shifts his body and growls in the direction from which I came from. NO! This cannot be! Why would they fallow me into another wolf’s territory? This is going to be a blood bath! I low crawl away from the distracted alpha, but before I could escape his jaws are around my neck forcing me to the ground. I yelp and whimper slightly as his teeth dig into my flesh. The scent of blood catches my nose before I realize he has pierced the skin. I instantly quiet down as the shock of the event runs through me. Is he going to kill me? It is not unheard of, after all, I did cross into his territory. I release a breath I did not realize I was holding, ready to accept my fate. To my surprise he releases his jaws and replaces them with his massive paw.

My old pack makes a semicircle to face the alpha, who lifts his head and howls a fear-inducing howl. Two more wolves appear almost as big as the alpha, his beta’s most likely. My muscles twitch uncontrollably as they approach causing more fear. The two beta’s hold me down as their alpha approaches my old pack.

“What business do you have with this rogue? They are in my territory and are henceforth my responsibility to deal with. Why have you fallowed into my territory?” The massive wolf inclines.

“She ran out on our alpha. He wants to deal with her personally. She ran out when she was to become his Luna. That disgrace is unforgivable. Her death belongs to him.” One of the gammas said. I never really bothered with their names for I was planning on leaving for a long time.

“Incorrect. She crossed into my territory; I make claims to her now. Its my decision what to do with her and death does not quite suit the crime without proper investigation. If your alpha still chooses to pursuit, I will gladly take him on, I’ve been itching for a challenge.”

The pack looks at one another before nodding and running back towards their own territory. The alpha takes another look at me then his betas before walking away. The next thing I know is having ropes on me and then blacking out.

— — — — — — — -

I wake up to a pounding head and realize I am in a bed, naked. Sitting up, glancing around, I see it is a decent sized room with a private bath attached to it. I stretch and walk towards the bathroom when an unfamiliar voice causes me to stumble and stop.

“You should be thankful to the alpha. He could have killed you on the spot. Yet for some unknown reason, found pity on you and allowed you to live. Sometimes the Alpha does things we do not understand, however we do not question him. He obviously sees something in you that he likes. However, I will never view you as anything other than a rogue.” The female walks out.

“Don’t listen to Jezzabelle, she’s been wanting to be the Alphas mate for a while, but he won’t even give her a time of day. He can’t stand her. He is a…. peculiar kind of guy. My name is Kayden, one of the beta’s that brought you here. The other is Jayce. Don’t worry about the fact you are naked we will not bother you. As it stands the Alpha has claimed you, so until he makes his decision on what to do with you, you are off limits. Make sure you clean up and get dressed there are some clothes in the closet of different sizes, we did not know what size you were… took awhile for you to transform back to human… the Alpha wishes to speak with you so don’t keep him waiting to long.” The male named Kayden leaves.

I take the opportunity to go to the closet and look at the clothes. To my surprise it was a large walk-in closet the had 2 entrances, one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. There were so many clothes to choose from of several different sizes as Kayden had said. I find my size section and settle on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before heading to the bathroom. There I find some essential oils, bath salts, bubble bath, bath bombs, basically anything I could want for a bath. I settle for essential oils and bubble bath. I soak in the tub for around a half hour before deciding I should probably hurry since the alpha is waiting. I quickly wash my hair and rinse my body and step out of the bath drying off. I quickly get dressed having the t-shirt loosely tucked into the jeans. I brush my hair and throw it in a loose ponytail and walk out the door to be met with 2 males Kayden and I am assuming Jayce. I nod my head and they lead me down the long corridors of the pack house. Nothing was said until we come to a tower entrance and head up the flight of stairs.

“My name is Jayce. I am second beta. We are heading to the master’s quarters where you will meet with the alpha himself. Sorry if I hurt you last night at all trying to hold you down. I was only doing my job. Do you even talk? You haven’t said anything to anyone? Come on, at least tell us your name so we can quit calling you the rogue… ow.” Jayce gets elbowed by Kayden.

“Do you ever shut up? She is not supposed to speak with anyone until she speaks with the alpha, did you forget that? She obviously has not. Besides there is not a point in trying to get to know her until we know what the alpha decides. Stop pestering the girl.” Kayden says to Jayce sternly, “There is a reason he made me first beta…”

“Kade, you are just way too serious… you need to let loose get yourself a girl and have fun, I’m sure Jezz would gladly give you a good time.” A loud thump causes me to jump and look up. Kayden has Jayce against the wall.

“Just stop Jayce.” Kayden releases him.

“Geez Kayden, what’s gotten into you… you haven’t been so rough for a while… not since…”

“Don’t go there!” Kayden says, interrupting Jayce.

I clear my throat and the guys look at me as if they had forgotten I was there. They quiet down and continue up the stairs. We exit the tower at the next floor where there is a huge open room with a seating area and one wall covered floor to ceiling with books a small kitchen/dining combination in one corner and a set of closed doors on the other side of the room, most likely the Alphas dormitory, or bedroom. I stop not wanting to enter the room if it was his bedroom but am forced to enter by the hands of Kayden and Jayce after knocking and pretty much pushing me into the room. I turn to run when HIS voice stops me.

“And where do you think you are going?” the Alpha’s deep voice causes me to drop to the floor.

Even in human form he holds such power over me. This alpha is not like any other I’ve come across. I think its best that I simply do as he asks and try not to run away, that will only get me killed. If I were in my wolf form, I would be so low to the ground and my tail would be between my legs right now. He is so scary, so… powerful.

“Now then, rogue, come here we need to discuss some things.” He says in a calmer tone, one less scary.

I stand still shaken by his previous tone. I walk to his desk and looking down at the table. I don’t even know what he looks like.

“Tell me why you ran from a Luna position? That is the greatest honor a female wolf can have. Speak, now.” He demands.

I swallow hard, “Pardon me alpha, I am aware of the honor, but I could not bare to be with someone who would not even allow me at their side. He was rude, cruel, tyrannical, and he was not my chosen mate. It was arranged.”

“So, you are telling me, that if I were to claim you right now, make you mine, that you would run?” He asks.

“There would be nothing I could do at this point. You could have killed me and did not. You could have locked me in a cell, instead you put me in a room. A genuinely nice room. As it stands, I am in debt to you. What you choose to do with me at this point is out of my control. I am a rogue that was caught. I have no say anymore.” I admit my defeat.

He stands and lifts me up, throwing me over his shoulder, walks to the bed and lays me down on it before locking my hands together above my head with his hand. “So, if I torment you, you will just let me do it?” He runs his hand down my side and over my stomach. “Would you be a good girl and just take it?” he pulls my shirt up and still gets no reaction from me, which seems to upset him.

“I can’t do anything to stop you.” I simply say.

“Why am I not getting any reaction? Usually, she wolves cringe under my touch… why haven’t you? How old are you?”

“I just turned 18 recently. Most she wolves have their first heat between 16 and 18 but I have yet to have mine. I’m sorry that this isn’t working for you, but I get no reaction from your touch.”

He gets off me, “You’ve never had a heat? That means you have never had a rank. No wonder why you immediately fall to the ground when I speak, and why you had run from your pack. They were trying to force you to go into heat, by mating you. That is cruel beyond reason. You will remain in this pack until such time I decide otherwise. For now, you will remain in the room you have been given. Once we know your rank, we will put you in the right quarters. Jayce! Kayden! Approach now!”

The two beta’s walk in simultaneously. “Yes, Alpha?” they say together.

“You two will be taking shifts at her door. She will remain here for now. Do not get to close yet. I have not made my final decision, but I am not going to allow her to leave this pack. If she does, I will not hesitate to kill her on site. If her previous pack ever shows up here chase them out or kill them. She must gain my trust and the trust of the pack before she can roam about without an escort. We will see just what she has in store. For now, she will be treated as a guest, but not fully. What is your name, pup?”

“Pup?” Jayce and Kayden look at each other.

“Once I became a rogue, I gave up my previous name.” I state.

“I’m confused, what do you mean?” Kayden asks, “You don’t just give up your name, that only happens in high society families, right?”

“I was a member of The Raven Moon Clan. Therefore, when I left, I also left the name behind.” I explain.

“That explains a little more as to why it was arranged, I suppose, but what should we call you then. You are a black wolf, that much I noticed when we first met. You are also quite fast. I had been watching you from the moment you entered my territory. Look at me.” The alpha demands.

I sigh and look in his direction avoiding his eyes. He is tall and tan. A tank of a man, very muscular. He looks like any normal she wolf’s dream. Not mine though. I would prefer one not so dangerous looking. I can see why Jezzabelle is so obsessed with him though. He approaches me grabs my head forcing me to look into his amber colored eyes. Even that had no reaction from me. He turns my head from side to side then backs up and scans me from head to toe. Still no reaction.

“She is still a pup, boys. Do not try to force her into anything. She needs to go through her first heat. Then we will see just where in the pack she belongs. I will figure out a name for her later. For now, just call her Raven. Until I know more about who she is and how a she-wolf at age 18 has yet to go through her heat. It puzzles me. Normally she would have melted at my touch, but as you saw, there was not even a reaction. Even young ones who have not reached the mature age have melted at the mere sight of me. Why hasn’t she?”

“SHE is 18, and still hasn’t had a heat cycle?” Jayce exclaims. “How odd.”

My cheeks begin burning red at the embarrassment. I have never felt so exposed in my life, even being nude after a transformation. I walk to the door, “Alpha, may I be excused. I’m feeling a bit tired.”

“Kayden, take her to her room, Jayce find me some books.” The two betas do as they are told. Kayden taking me by the hand and leading me out of the room.

Once we reach my room Kayden finally speaks to me. “Don’t be embarrassed by them. They do not really know how to talk to a woman or talk around a woman. Leviathan is a good alpha, but not exactly good at people skills. I believe you can speak with me, but we just need to not get to close. I will confirm with Levi, after my watch.”

“Thank you. I was embarrassed up there.” I say before opening my door. “Will there be food brought up by chance? Or do I need to be brought down?”

“I will have food brought up. We can eat together. Afterall, my job is to make sure you don’t escape.” Kayden says to me.

“I have nowhere to go. I will not be trying to escape. I value my life that the alpha has generously allowed me to keep. He very well could have killed me.” I say entering my room, purposely leaving the door open and crawling onto my bed and sitting on the edge not quite wanting to lay down. “Kayden, why would the Alpha not kill me or lock me in a cell anyway? I am still a rogue by technical standards. I have not been welcomed into another pack. Why is he keeping me around? What use does he have of me?”

“Look, Raven… god that name is sour…, anyway, he obviously has a plan for you. My guess is he is going to use you as leverage against your old pack. He has not had a scuffle in so long because he is so big other wolves usually just run. So, honestly, I think he is hoping that alpha shows up for you and they fight.” Kayden explains.

“You don’t like the name Raven?” I ask honestly curious.

“I don’t like the fact that he said to call you that name after that pack… it’s just not right… you deserve a name better suited than a name from a pack that tried to force you into something you weren’t ready for.” Kayden retorts.

“Kayden… that’s their pack law. If a woman reaches the age of 18 and has not had a heat, they force her into a bond… usually it works out. I… just could not be with him… he wouldn’t even allow me to stand at his side as a Luna does with their Alpha.” I state.

“Is it common in that pack for women to not have their heat until later?” Kayden questions.

“I wouldn’t say common… just members of the higher class. They usually have males, but if a female is born, usually, they are arranged to be married. I happened to be a female born to a high-class beta family. Therefore, I was told I would be married to the future alpha of the pack since there has not been a true bond in our pack for centuries. In fact, I am the only one to successfully escape, and if it were not for your alpha, I wouldn’t have escaped.” I say sadly.

“You never really seemed like an average wolf to me, but how could any pack be so strict as to not allow for true bonds to take place? Or allow you she-wolves to have your heats naturally? It confuses me and obviously Jayce and Leviathan as well…” Kayden investigates further.

“I assume you will share what I’ve told you with your alpha as it is your job as beta… if he would have given me more time to explain or not been so demanding I might have been able to tell him myself… He honestly frightens me. I have never met any alpha that caused me to drop to the ground as he does. Why is it that way?” I explain.

Kayden laughs, “Like I said earlier, he’s a good alpha, but not good with people skills. He has a power about him that even I bend to uncontrollably. He’s a good guy though; once you get to know him.”

I sigh, “I don’t know if I want to know him on anything more than an alpha/subordinate basis. He is not the kind of guy I could see myself with. However, being as he has allowed me to live, I cannot defy what he wishes of me. If he were to decide to come here and take me, even as I do not respond to his touch, I would allow it. I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy it, but I couldn’t stop him even if I tried or wanted to.”

“I don’t think that’s right. I also know that he probably will not be forcing you into anything. Even he has morals, unlike that pack you came from. I would love to go into their territory and rip them all apart for how they treat you ladies. It’s disgusting.” Kayden expresses.

“It’s the way of that pack. I am sure they have their reasons. I just did not care enough to pay attention to it since we females are treated differently there. What I needed to know was how to be submissive. The males are superior to us females. That is how it was there. I assume it is the same here beings as you are beta and a male. Jayce is also male and a beta. I have not met any females in high ranking. Please forgive me if I overstep my bounds, I’m not sure of that line here.” I say to him.

“There are female betas also, usually they are the betas of the Luna, but since Levi doesn’t have a Luna yet, it’s kind of… us guys. As far as Jayce goes, he has not met his either, but that does not stop him from having women… Me… well that is a story for another time. I am not going to tell you, in fact I have probably already shared more than I should have with a rogue, but I was trying to make you feel better. You seemed like you needed it.” Kayden says, bluntly.

“I do not expect anyone to be friends with me. I am nothing more than a rogue to you all. I really do not understand why you are technically talking to me.” I state.

“Because you are currently a permanent guest. Leviathan made that quite clear. You are to be treated like a guest and if we just left you by yourself that would make us bad hosts. Even WE have a reputation.” The beta says to me.

“So, this is all about reputation…. You do not actually care. I guess I should have expected as much. He needs to look good to his pack and the surrounding packs…” I say blankly.

“That is not what I meant, woman. I am doing as my alpha has asked. Why do you even care what anyone else thinks? You left your pack and sought out mercy when you got caught. You wanted to leave. I heard you ask the alpha if you could leave after food and drink. Then your pack showed up. I am not angry with you, but I do not see why it matters to you what others think when you did not care what they thought when you left. Didn’t even consider your family and how they might have felt? You were selfish in leaving. Though the circumstances I can see why, but did you even consider the feelings of the people you were close to?” He confronts me, fighting his wolf transformation.

“I was never close to anyone, not even my family. They were ready to abandon me and leave me to a man who was a complete asshole. They did not care so why should I have? I had been preparing to leave that pack for a long time, Kayden. I never allowed for emotional bonds, even now I will not allow for such closeness. Being close to someone only causes pain and suffering. I learned that at an incredibly young age.” I state. “The only friend I had…, never mind, it’s not important here. You can close the door if you wish, then you will not need to listen to me or talk to me. As the alpha says, do not get to close to me.”

“Now you have me curious, but if you really wish not to speak with me, I can definitely close your door. However, I think it is okay for now. He seems like he is going to add you into this pack. After a few months maybe a year or so.” Kayden says.

“I don’t know if I will be allowed to be a member of the pack. Not without having one of the members as a mate… but I do NOT want a mate. Not unless they treat me better than any other male I’ve met.” I say to the beta.

“How can you say you do not want to be mated! You…” he takes a deep breath, “I cannot discuss this with you. I really hope Jayce comes soon…”

His tone makes me quiver slightly. What did I say to upset him? Why is he so angry? Am I really that terrible to be around? My heart sinks from the thought of me upsetting him. Unsure of how to react, I do nothing and say nothing. Just sigh.

“I am sorry. I had a mate once. Not like a bonded mate but one I promised to be with. She ended up getting killed by a pack of rogues. As in TRUE rogues, not like you. You are too kind to be classified as a true rogue in my book. You respect those higher rank, these ones did not.”

“You say that but, it was disrespectful to the pack that I ran out on the newly assigned alpha.” I state.

“That was circumstantial.” He walks into my room and pushes me back on the bed, “If the alpha would not have said not to force you into anything, I am no different than any other unmated wolf. You smell so good as it stands, and you haven’t even had a heat.” He nips my neck then licks the spot. “I would have you wanting me within seconds.” He whispers before standing up and backing away.

A chill comes over my body when he moves away. “What was that about?” I ask in a low timid voice sitting back up.

“It is called teasing. You really know nothing about relations, do you?” he asks.

I look away slightly embarrassed, “It is not like it is my choice. I cannot control when my heat will come. Nor can I control how my body will react to others. I never really explored because I was told from a young age that I would be married to the alpha of that pack. They would not allow me to explore anything, not even myself. So, no, I do not know anything about relations.”

“You couldn’t even…. That is so sad… at least here you are welcome to try but be wary… the moment you go in heat you will have almost every unmated male at your door wanting your attention. Then Jezzabelle will hate you even more than she already does.” He says with a chuckle.

“What do you mean? I’m not that pretty, so why would they want my attention?” I ask dumbfounded.

“You really don’t know… You really are a pup. When a female goes into her heat cycle, she puts off pheromones that attract the male wolves to her. We can smell it from miles away. It turns us into the animals that we are. You are a beautiful she-wolf. Even I see that, so does Jayce and Leviathan. They will be some of the first ones wanting your attention. They usually have only one thing on their minds when an unmated female goes into heat. You are unmated. They will do… just about anything to get inside you. Just saying. They may even fight for the attention. I am not any better though, to be honest. It just affects me a little differently. I have a bit more control I guess, but not much.”

“The way it sounds, is you really don’t like me at all.” I say, saddened by the thought.

“I did not say that. I am just cautious. You ran out on a man. That alone makes me even more weary as to if I would even try. You gave up a Luna position. Most females would not care about who their mate was if they were Luna. You intrigue me, which makes me cautious too. I want to get close, but I do not want to get in the way of the alpha either. I like you so far, but again it is a ‘proceed with caution’ thing. I do not want to get close to you just to have you taken by Levi or even Jayce. Though I’d fight Jayce… he doesn’t deserve someone like you.” Kayden says.

“You confuse me. How can you like me when you just met me? I do not even know you, yet here you are saying you like me. I am not sure how to respond to that even. I ended up here because I crossed into the territory after running from my pack. I was saved by your alpha and you and Jayce, but I know not why. What about me is so interesting that you would even give me any form of attention? I am but a rogue that got caught and was given a rare chance.” I exclaim.

“That rare chance is exactly why I am even talking to you. That and the fact that our alpha saw something in you that night. He is just neglecting to share what it is. Maybe you are his mate. You would not know until after your heat, but that does not mean he does not know. Even I see something, but I just do not know what it is exactly, but you are special. You have something about you. I’m sure he saw it too, which is why he was so adamant about having you back there.” He says to me.

“Why does everyone keep saying that there is something special about me? I am just a normal she-wolf. Nothing special about me.” I scoff.

“There is definitely something.” He states sternly.

“Must we argue? There either is or there is not. Currently I do not know of any special qualities, but I also have only transformed a few times and it was not like the actual true transformation where the female takes on the true form of the label she will have. As it stands, I am an omega. The lowest rank. Even though I was born into a family of betas, that does not actually qualify me as such. I expect it to be soon that I must prove my standing within this pack, beings as he will not allow me to leave, and since this is the place where I will most likely experience my heat, this is where I will fight for rank. I am not going to fight with the alpha and his decision. As he said, I must prove myself.” I strengthen my determination.

Kayden paces the room, and then sighs, “I don’t understand this at all. Anyway, food should be here in a couple minutes.”

“What is there to understand? I am an unmated female, about to have her first heat, and for that reason has been claimed by the alpha to remain here, not necessarily to be his mate, but I am sure he will try again. I must deal with 2 betas who are also unmated by technical standards, and who knows how many other ranks and unmated wolves… I do not know how I am going to deal with all this. I do not even know how my first heat will be. I have heard things like its painful, and smells… different. Not bad exactly but strong. I also heard it changes the female. Her previous wolf form is forgotten as the stronger wolf takes over. In other words, I may not be a black wolf after my heat even. I could be a different color or perhaps bigger than I currently am in wolf form. Its weird that males, when they reach maturity, their wolf is permanent, yet a female is not or might not be, depending on when they have their heat. I am at a loss here I don’t even know what to expect.” I explain.

“Wait, do you know when you will have your heat?” Kayden asks curiously.

“I don’t know exactly no, but I do know it will be soon, I can feel it. I have already been experiencing some of the pre-heat things… just did not feel like saying that to the alpha. He probably could tell…” I say, flustered.

“If you are already experiencing things, that means it could happen any time. I don’t know that the pack is ready for that.” Kayden says, now understanding his reactions towards the rogue a little better.

“I am not exactly ready to deal with all those males either. I will probably hide in my room and not come out during my heat. Maybe even stay bathing all day to cover my scent.” I state.

“That might work… as long as your bedding gets cleaned daily and you only sleep in it.” Kayden says.

“I sure hope it at least lessens the amount of attention. It makes me nervous to be around so many at a time, and how can I get them to back off? I do not want to explore with anyone. Not yet anyway. The first heat is supposed to be special, but does that mean I will have to be mated?” I ask.

“No, but the longer you wait after your heat the more you will have to deal with. Wolves will travel long distances to mate. However, a true mate is rare. Things used to be easy but with the territorial battles, there is difficulty in finding one’s true mate.” Kayden explains.

“As much as I want my first time to be special, I have a feeling its not going to be. Especially if the alpha claims me. Then what do I do? I owe him my very life, but I just do not see him as a potential mate. If he wishes to be my first, I cannot tell him no. I do not know if I can tell anyone no at this point. I do not know how my hormones will react to the slightest touch.” I admit.

“Trust me when I say, your first will be one of 3 wolves. The alpha will most likely choose who will get to have you first, sometimes he passes on a female if they don’t have the reactions he wants.” Kayden says.

“What? I am not even allowed to choose who my first will be? I do not want to talk about this anymore it is so embarrassing.” I say covering my face.

“You are too cute. That kind of look will get you into trouble with some wolves.” Kayden smirks.

“Oh, please stop, it’s embarrassing.” I say patting my burning cheeks.

“You need to stop being so cute and embarrassed. It only adds to the fuel.” Kayden grins devilishly.

“Now, now, Kayden, calm yourself down before you pounce on her.” Jayce comes strolling into my room with food. “I brought enough for the three of us. Then its my turn for the watch. I will get your bottom, I mean, I will be watching you…. Rather closely.”

“Jayce don’t even think about getting inside her. You know what Leviathan said. You do not have the control like we do. You hound.” Kayden sternly says.

“Ouch, that stung a little, Kade. I can control myself fine thanks. Besides, she has not even had a heat, so that part of me is not acting up. From what I saw, you looked like you were ready to pounce on her yourself.” Jayce counters.

“Boys…. That is enough. I am not some play toy. I am not even ready for that type of thing, with anyone… so stop talking like you are in a line fighting to be first. As far as I am concerned, I am not worth either of your time.” I state, frustrated.

The two betas look at one another and decide to end their dispute. Jayce distributes the food among the three of us. As we eat our meal, it is quiet and awkward. Once the meal was over, Kayden leaves unwillingly. Something seems off with him, but I would not know, as I am just an acquaintance of his. However, even Jayce seems to be confused by his unwillingness to leave me with the second beta. I walk into the closet and change into a nightgown. When I step out my door is closed, and Jayce is laying on my bed, in shorts.

“What do you think you are doing?” I ask, confused.

“I am going to sleep next to you so that I know you don’t escape. I am not going to take advantage of you like the others think I will. You are pretty and all, but I just got finished with a she-wolf so, I am not really wanting anything. In the morning Kayden will be back. So that will stop me from attacking you then. So, you are safe… for now any way.” Jayce states, patting the bed.

“I think I will just sleep on the floor. It’s a bit weird to sleep in bed with a male.” I say to him.

“I promise you will be more comfortable next to me than on the floor. If you do not come over here and lay down, I will pick your tiny ass up and put it on the bed anyway.” Jayce smirks.

I sigh and walk to the bed laying on the very edge, but Jayce pulls me closer to him and leaves his arm around me. Knowing there is no way I can wiggle my way out; I just accept it and lay beside him. Hours pass with no sleep. Jayce eventually turns to lay on his back, and I sneak out and head to the bathroom. I stretch, thinking I will not get much sleep if I am in my bed. I am about to leave the restroom when my body curls in on itself with pain stabbing me in all areas. I scream out, then the next thing I know my body shifts into wolf form. The pain I feel is excruciating and it feels as though my young wolf is dying. I knew at that time what was happening. My heat had started. The pain was almost unbearable as my body shifts from one dying wolf, to a stronger healthier wolf. Soon the pain begins to fade out as the other wolf settles in. I collapse on the floor of the bathroom, unable to move due to the amount of pain I just endured. The next thing I know, there are 3 wolves standing at the bathroom door. I was unaware of what they were discussing. I am to warn out. I try to stand but am unsuccessful. I sigh as sleep tugs at me, but I refuse to give into it. I feel my body being lifted. I am being carried somewhere. My conscience fades in and out, before I lose it all together.

When my conscience is regained, I look around realizing I am in the alpha’s domain. Fear strikes me like a thousand bullets. What did he do to me? Why am I here? Why can’t I be in my room? What is his plan? I do not want to be mated to him; I do not want to have anything with him. He is too powerful. A voice comes into my mind saying not to judge him. I take a few deep breathes to calm down.

“Oh, you have awoken.” The alpha says.

“Why am I here? What about my room?” I ask.

“You are experiencing your first heat. You will remain in my room until it is over. If you are covered in my scent no one will bother you. Kayden explained to me that you are not really interested in having a mate right now, which is fine. I am not here to force one on you. I am not that cruel, Asena.” He states.

“Asena? As in the mother? Why?” I ask, unsure of what to think.

“You remind me of her, and its better than Raven, right?” Leviathan inquires.

“I guess so yes. So, I am only here so I do not get bothered by other wolves? You are not going to try anything? Not that I could go against you anyway.” I say, honest.

“Not right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t change in a day or so. You just endured a painful change. So, out of respect, I will allow you to heal a little before I try anything.” He states.

“Oh, thanks, that makes me feel so much better…” I say sarcastically.

“It should, I could take you right now if I wanted to, but I am trying to be a gentleman.” He says, seriously.

“I am sorry, this whole thing is new to me and I’m not entirely sure how to handle it. I appreciate the fact that you are trying to keep other wolves away, but what if one of them is a true mate?” I ask.

“This being your first heat, I think it best you figure out your body. Test reactions with me. Let me touch you. Allow me this, you owe me.” Leviathan says domineeringly.

“I can’t refuse, even if I wish to. My life is yours to do with as you wish. Even if I do not like it. You hold my life in your paws, until a final decision is made.” I admit defeat.

“That’s a good girl. Now then get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day. I will figure out how to deal with the incoming wolves later. For now, let us sleep.” He says climbing into bed next to me in his wolf form, as I am also in wolf form. My heart skips as his body gets close to mine. At least he smells good. I lay beside him for a few minutes before sleep finally takes over.